A set of screens designed for the education start-up UpGrad's new online property, UpGrad Online Scholarship . With this website they aim to provide scholarships to eligible students across various online courses. The brief was to keep the selection simple and straightforward. 



The aim of this page was to quickly highlight the idea behind UOS. Followed by a cross-section of the Course Providers and the Type of Course. Clicking the cards would directly take the user to a pre-filtered page of results. 

Scholarships Dropdown.jpg

Scholarship Selection

A page dedicated to find the right course-scholarship combination for the user. It has cards dedicated to courses, with an indicator of who the provider is. The filter dropdown enables user to mix and match provider vs types of course to find the right fit.

Udacity Page - Colour 3.jpg

Content Page

This page is dedicated to individual course providers. A small bio of the provider, a link to the provider website and list of courses enlisted for scholarships.

UOS Eligibility.jpg


A longform page which lists out in detail the Charter behind UpGrad Online Scholarship. It was designed to browse and consume each section efficiently as the information that had to be put out was vast.