After a successful pre-launch campaign for RTX 3.0, we were approached to design the visual language and campaign for their fourth edition in Vietnam. The RoadTrip Experience is a travel based project that brings together collaborators from different creative fields for a road trip that inspires new work.

This year's road trip across Vietnam was curated specifically to include collaborations with local artisans and finding projects that uncover the core of the country, not as an exotic anglicised holiday destination but to throw light on Vietnamese culture for what it really is. 


The application poster was very well received on their Facebook page and brought in 800+ applications from around the world within the first two days with no paid promotion. 


As part of the social media campaign we designed the format of the creatives for unveiling the route for this year. Playing with hide-n-seek and typography for this edition was the obvious choice, going with the theme of the untouched experiences they have planned for their chosen particpants.