Arbitrea is an experimental mobile app game,
that was conceptualised and executed by a team of 5
as part of a semester long project on Experimental Game Interaction,
Fall Semester at Malmo University, Sweden.

Arbitrea is an intrusive, role-playing game which demands the player (The Emperor) to make important decisions regarding his Kingdom at any time of the day, without prior notice. 

arbi 1.png

The game intrudes the player's ordinary life, calls at odd times, blocks other important features such as messaging, calling and cameras on the user's phone such that:

The game decides when it needs to be played, not the player. 

arbi 2.png

Introduction to the game

The player is given a basic introduction to the empire he now leads and the ministers in his cabinet. The ministers call the player at randomised times and inform him of certain events that require his jurisdiction. 

Based on the decisions made by the player, the kingdom is evaluated and progresses or digresses accordingly. 


Duke Ludvig von Krane, Minister of Finance.

Duke Ludvig von Krane, Minister of Finance.



The emperor is advised by his immediate cabinet of Ministers that both inform and help with current events in their sectors.

Each minister is given a unique voiceover on accepting the call.

After the voice-over, the game screen opens up in the app with the information regarding the event and the options laid out to the Emperor.

arbi 3.png

Though not visible to the player, each decision taken by him affects a scale of the three constants for his Kingdom: Money, Food and Happiness.

As soon as two of the constants reach a negative on the scale, the player is assasinated and the Kingdom is usurped.


rejecting the calls

The player does have an option to reject a call from the ministers, which causes a loss of a few points but more importantly, the more the player rejects the calls, the more frequent the calls become.

Decisions made by player

The player goes through a series of events that take place in his kingdom, that require his decision making abilities and some event decisions are linked to each other so as to make the player conscious of them.

Icons for each event that the player must overcome. Some events appear as a series, depending on the decision taken by the Emperor.

Icons for each event that the player must overcome. Some events appear as a series, depending on the decision taken by the Emperor.

Big thanks to the whole team involved in making the game:
Rodrigo Jimenez
Marcus Johansson
Ondrej Mynarik
Tim Tuvestam
Adrita Das
and Teis De Greve for the cameo in the video!